Spaetzle pot (vegetables, cream sauce ), (Gemüse, Rahmsauce)
CHF 18.50

Spaetzle pot Tipo special
( Spaetzle, shredded chicken, vegetables, crem sauce)
(Poulet geschnetzeltes, Gemüse, Rahmsauce)
CHF 20.50


Spaghetti Napoli ( Tomato sauce ) (Tomatensauce)
CHF 16.50

Spaghetti Vegetaria ( vegetables, garlic, olive oil )
( Gemüse, Knoblauch, Olivenöl )
CHF 18.50

Spaghetti Bolognese ( minced meat, tomato sauce )
( Hackfleisch, Tomatensauce )
CHF 19.50

Spaghetti Carbonara ( bacon, egg yolk, cream sauce )
( Speck, Eigelb, Rahmsauce )
CHF 19.50

Spaghetti Tipo
( veal strips, mushroom, pepperoni, brown cream sauce )
(Steinpilz, Peperoni, Braune -Rahmsauce)
CHF 25.50


Penne all´arrabbiata (spicy tomato sauce)
( scharfe Tomatensauce )
CHF 17.50

Penne all Forno
( ham, cherry tomato, tomato sauce, gratinate with cheese )
(Schinken, Cherrytomaten, Tomatensauce, Käse überbacken)
CHF 19.50

Penne alla Nonna
( chicken stripes, pepperoni, tomato sauce)
(Pouletstreifen, Peperoni, Tomaten - Rahmsauce)
CHF 21.50

Penne all Tipo
(chicken stripes, vegetables, tomato sauce , gratinate with cheese)
(Pouletstreifen, Gemüse, Tomatensauce, Käse überbacken)
CHF 22.50


Strozzapreti Steinpilz (Steinpilz, Rahmsauce)
(porcini mushroom, cream sauce)
CHF 20.50

Strozzapreti all Tipo (calf stripes, mushroom, brown cream sauce)
Kalbsstreifen, Pilz, Braune - Rahmsauce)
CHF 25.50

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